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  • Sadye Evyn Reish

A behind the scenes look at planning for my upcoming photoshoot


By now it’s probably pretty clear that I’m no wallflower and certainly do NOT shy away from the camera. In fact, I actually LOVE a full-fledged photoshoot and decided a few years ago that no matter my status (i.e. single, married, kids, no kids), I’m going to have professional photos taken every year. Because why not?!

As someone who spends most of her time in loungewear and workout clothes with a messy bun (not the cute kind, haha!), I love getting to style outfits, have fun with hair and makeup, create props and design sets.

Basically, photoshoots are the adult version of playing dress-up and my six-year-old self loves every minute of it. Hell, my 38-year-old self loves every minute of it, too!

When I started dreaming up ideas for this year’s photoshoot, I immediately began envisioning a whole lot of color and pattern (no surprise there!), but wanted to punch it up even more with big sleeves, bold accessories, bright tights, sassy shoes, tinsel, tulle, sequin, satin and fur…oh my!

From the looks I’ll be wearing to the set I’m designing, it’s a mix of modern and vintage, with a touch of funk and whimsy – my go-to styling combo – in what I’m calling Alice in Wonderland meets Grandma Chic. If it sounds crazy, you wouldn’t be wrong!

But that’s half the fun. Doing something that’s unexpected, slightly off-kilter and quirky as hell and that speaks to the dreamer inside me and hopefully you, too.

In the very least, I’ll look back on the photos and say, “Gosh, remember that one time you bedazzled your shoes, shimmied in satin, twirled in tulle and jumped off a painted settee in the middle of an industrial parking lot, just for the hell of it? Yeah, that was fun.”

Anywho, if you’re curious to see how “Alice in Wonderland meets Grandma Chic” translates, scroll through below for all the mood boards (set design + props, style + wardrobe and locations) and then stay tuned for the actual photos from the shoot...



Set design and props mood board by @sadyeevyn. All images found via Pinterest.

Style and wardrobe mood board by @sadyeevyn. All images found via Pinterest.

Style and wardrobe mood board by @sadyeevyn. All images found via Pinterest.

IMAGE CREDIT: All images in the Set Design + Props Mood Board and the Style + Wardrobe Mood Boards were found via Pinterest. Original sources can be viewed here.


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