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  • Sadye Evyn Reish

5 Things You Need to Become a Highly Successful Airbnb Host

And ultimately boost your bottom line with your short term rental biz!

Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Authority Magazine on the five things you need to become a highly successful Airbnb host and wanted to share those tips and insights here.

Below is a snapshot of my top five strategies, which I elaborate on in the video above (and in the text that follows)...

  1. Good style and the photos to flaunt it

  2. Stellar communication

  3. Create an experience

  4. Prepare for the unexpected

  5. Treat your Airbnb like a business


The 5 Things You Need to Become a

Highly Successful Airbnb Host


Here’s the thing: with 5.6 million* active Airbnb listings worldwide, it’s not enough to throw a bunch of random furniture in a room, snap some crappy iPhone pics, throw them up on your profile and call it a day.


The key to having a successful Airbnb starts with an attention-grabbing space, but also the photos to flaunt it.

Because let’s face it: you can have ALL the bells and whistles for your Airbnb, but if your photos look more like mug shots than glamour shots, people will inevitably swipe left (so to speak) on your property and look for one with pretty pictures instead.

Just like with a dating profile, PHOTOS ARE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION, and when it comes to attracting your ideal guests, lighting, angles and presentation (staging) matter.


*SOURCE: As of September 30, 2020 (source:


We all know that communication is key in ANY relationship, and the same holds true for your host-to-guest interaction.

From answering pre-booking inquiries and making sure guests have everything they need during their visit, to ensuring a smooth check-out, then following up with a review once they’ve gone — how you communicate with guests before, during and after their stay is an integral part of the customer journey.

You want to be prompt, clear and courteous throughout every stage of their experience, and also remember that every time a guest books, it’s not just a transaction; it’s an opportunity to grow and nurture your Airbnb audience, which will ultimately boost your bookings and your bottom line.


Quick history lesson: When Airbnb first hit the scene in 2007, it was literally just an air mattress on the floor of the founders’ loft in San Francisco (hence the original name: Airbed & Breakfast). Understandably, the strategy back then was to offer a significantly cheaper alternative to hotels and a “place to crash for the night” sort of vibe.

But now — 14 years and more than four million* hosts later — it’s more about creating an overall experience for your guests. One that not only catches their eye, but makes them wanna stay a while (without having to blow up their bed in the middle of the night) and tell their friends to visit, too!

I could rattle off countless ways in which to up the ante with your amenities in order to enhance the guest experience, but from my experience, the number one luxury you should pay attention to and invest in, is the bed! And I’m talking about a bonafide bed, not the kind that requires air.

But seriously — so many of the reviews for the Airbnbs I designed comment on three things: 1) the overall style and vibe of the home, 2) how great the hosts were, and 3) how comfortable the beds were. And you wanna know the best part about that last one? The mattress brand I used for all of them was less than $300 and conveniently came in a box.

So the moral of the guest experience story is this: A stylish design paired with stellar communication, plus thoughtful touches and a comfortable place to sleep, all combine to leave a lasting impression, which is paramount to getting good reviews, guest retention and more bookings.


*SOURCE: As of September 30, 2020 (source:


As Forrest Gump so poignantly put it, “sh*t happens.” Or in the case of hosting an Airbnb, things will inevitably break, go missing, get stained, stop working, etc.

But planning ahead for what could go wrong by buying in bulk for heavily used items like towels, sheets, shower curtains, glassware, etc. will not only save you time and help you quickly reset the space between guests — it will ultimately save you money and from the headache of having to make emergency trips to the store before the next guest arrives.


Because it is one! And as with any money making endeavor, if you want to be successful, you first and foremost need to offer a quality product and service.

But you also need to…

  • Identify who your ideal customer (guest) is

  • Know your industry and competitors (i.e. what are other hosts in your area offering/charging)

  • Be willing to invest time and money

  • Promote and market your listing

  • Be flexible and adaptable to unforeseen changes or events (like a pandemic)

  • Keep track of your profits and losses

  • Regularly assess what’s working and be willing to change what’s not

  • Determine what to delegate or outsource (like cleaning and management services)

  • Look for ways to level up (like attaining SuperHost or Plus status and adding to your amenities)

  • And most importantly, always, always, always serve your guests!


There you have it! The 5 things you need to become a highly successful Airbnb host.

Want style tips and strategies specific to your Airbnb? Tap the button below to schedule a 1:1 consultation.

Happy hosting!




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