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Heart of Travel Airbnb STUDIO

In addition to styling and staging the main house for my client (the Heart of Travel Airbnb HOUSE), I also provided full scale design, styling and staging for the attached Airbnb studio – a converted one-car garage, equipped with its own entrance, kitchenette and full bathroom. With a tight budget and overall footprint coming in at just under 150 square feet, I had to get very creative with storage and layout, as well as how and where the dollars were spent.


  • Full scale design + styling

  • Inventory + assessment of
    existing items

  • Sourcing all other elements (design, style, household + amenities)

  • Furniture painting

  • Reupholstery

  • Art curation + installation

  • Final staging for photos

  • Hiring + working with photographer

project 02 BEFORE PHOTOS
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