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Heart of Travel Airbnb STUDIO

In addition to styling and staging the main house for my client (the Heart of Travel Airbnb HOUSE), I also provided full scale design, styling and staging for the attached Airbnb studio – a converted one-car garage, equipped with its own entrance, kitchenette and full bathroom. With a tight budget and overall footprint coming in at just under 150 square feet, I had to get very creative with storage and layout, as well as how and where the dollars were spent.

  • Full scale design + styling

  • Inventory + assessment of
    existing items

  • Sourcing all other elements (design, style, household + amenities)

  • Furniture painting

  • Reupholstery

  • Art curation + installation

  • Final staging for photos

  • Hiring + working with photographer


small space


In order to maximize the budget, we used IKEA units for the bathroom vanity and kitchenette (which I painted green); inexpensive, but stylish and durable tile throughout the space (floors and kitchen backsplash); and an antique bed frame already owned by my client.

To ensure the windowless bathroom didn’t feel boxed in, I kept the walls light (a pale lilac, barely detectable in the photos), added plenty of overhead lighting and chose an all-glass shower surround that not only opened up the space, but also showcased the beautiful beveled picket fence tile in a creamy alabaster hue – an unexpected and lovely departure from its traditional counterpart (horizontally laid white subway tile).

In the "bedroom" area, there wasn’t enough room to fit a dresser or closet, so I did under-bed storage and wall-mounted hanger hooks (respectively) instead. And in lieu of a free standing dining table, I sourced wall-mounted collapsible hinges to make a Murphy table that guests could “hide away” when not in use. 

Lastly, in order to create a layered, colorful vibe, much like the main house, I mixed in flea market vintage finds (the bedside rug and bathroom mirror), along with vibrant textures, curated (but budget-friendly) kitchen wares and beautiful photographic art by Nicolette Lovell. The result: Small space, BIG personality!

But in order to fully appreciate the finished space below, let's first look at where we started...

PROJECT 02_the details
PROJECT 02_images
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