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Heart of Travel Airbnb HOUSE

My client, who owns Heart of Travel – a Guatemala-based travel business – was looking to turn her long-term rental in Sacramento, CA into a short-term rental (STR) through Airbnb. She wanted to infuse her love of latin America, with all its rich colors and textures, and layer in pieces she’d collected over the years from all her travels. Combining those items with elements that I sourced, refreshed (e.g. the hallway table painted pink) and curated – plus all the beautiful travel photography (by Nicolette Lovell) that hangs on the walls – I created a vibrant bohemian bungalow that’s not only intriguing to the eye, but also cozy and inviting, too. Come on in and take a look around!


But first, let's look at where we started...


  • Full scale styling

  • Inventory + assessment
    of existing items

  • Sourcing of all other elements 
    (style, household + amenities)

  • Furniture painting

  • Art curation + installation

  • Final staging for photos

  • Hiring + working with photographer

project 01 before images
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